Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Complete Coverage

I talked to a dev friend of mine recently and he presented me with a very common problem that he ran across at work.  With it being the holidays still, a lot of the members of his team are on vacation.  Well, a problem came up and he was stuck troubleshooting by himself because he couldn’t get anyone on the phone.  And to top it off it’s a very complicated system with no clear troubleshooting paths, so the SMEs are very important in this case.

This is a very common mistake that a lot of shops make.  You need to make sure you have full coverage even when everyone’s on vacation.  At my gig we’re all vacation this week, but we still have people taking turns being on-call in case something breaks.  So if you guys really want to avoid problems like these, take the easy road and make sure that someone is at least on-call during vacations.

It’s just that easy.

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Sam Greene said...

Well, I like this idea! Our idea of coverage means someone in a chair.

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