Tuesday, August 14, 2007

SQL Server Service Packs

I think it should be easier to find the service packs on the SQL site. There used to be a link on the front page, and then it moved to the download page. Now you have to search for it and it does eventually take you to the download page, but it's not easy to find like it used to be.

I think I actually found it this time by accident looking at an article for SP hotfixes... and that had a link to the SP2 download page. Come on MS, make it easy for us to find these things, and let us know the last time the SP was refreshed.

OK, so here's the SP2 page for Yukon. I found it from the SQL Support page here.
Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gill People

I'll tell ya man, every now and then you get one of those users who just tests every part of you.  I've currently got this lady who calls about 3x/wk with one issue or another.  She's a report writer, and not really a very good one, but anyway.  This lady actually never shuts up while we're on the phone.  I took special notice the other day when she called to ask me why her ODBC wasn't working all of a sudden, and she actually didn't breathe for like 2mins.  It was amazing.  I swear to god she's actually grown gills so she doesn't have to stop talking.

It's really hard to deal with users like that too.  I mean, how can you tell someone to shut up and retain any kind of good customer service?  It's tough really because I don't have time to turn a quick troubleshooting call into a 30min dissertation on the merits of using one font or another in an insignificant report. 

What I've done is taken to putting her on the defensive right away.  Whenever she calls, I'm always on my way to a meeting, but I've got 2mins to help her if she'll make it fast.  So far it's working really well.  Let's just hope she doesn't read my blog.

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