Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PASS Treasure Hunt

Ok, so the MidnightDBAs are off to PASS next week and we’ll be giving away some of our recently designed swag.  The way this will work is we’ll be twittering our position from time to time and the 1st one to come up and find us will get a shirt, book, or something. 

So if you don’t already follow us in twitter, get yourself setup and have them delivered to your phone and just look for us out and about.

Good luck.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Uniting at Last

The DBAs in my area have finally started using their connections through the user group in a way that will actually do them some good.  When they get an offer from a company they put the word out to the user group to get any info on that company that may do them some good in making their decision.  They typically ask what the company’s like to work for, what the bosses are like, what kind of vacation they get, if bonuses happen on a regular basis, if they expect you to work lots of overtime, what their work from home policy is like, etc. 

Personally, this is an excellent use of resources and I think companies have had it too good too long.  They way many of them just dump employees for silly, pathetic reasons because they know that it’s too much effort and cost to get a lawyer and sue so most people will just go get another job and forget about it.  Unreasonable demands on time and project guidelines are another favorite trick of companies when dealing with DBAs.  And they like to hold your head to the fire and then hold it against you when you get burned.  So maybe a little bad reputation will help to straighten them out. 

It’s always one of the hardest parts about starting a new job isn’t it… not knowing what you’re really in for?  So it’s really nice when you can ask someone who worked there before and get the full scoop before you take the plunge.  So I’d like to encourage all of you to keep it up and start working with the members of your user group to make sure that companies who don’t value their DBAs get found out.  So they’ll either change their ways or not get any quality DBAs.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time off

Ok guys, I took a little time off of blogging to catch up on videos and MidnightDBA stuff, but I’m back now and I’ll be blogging more regularly again.

So if some of you haven’t heard yet, we’ve now got T-shirts on MidnightDBA and I’m rather proud of some of them.  We’ve got some other stuff too.  The main thing to remember with the shirts is to not take yourself too seriously.  We’re just having fun here and I hope you really like some of them.  We’re using Zazzle and you can find the link to our store here.

We’re not making much $$ off of them but what we do make will be going to fund our swag giveaways.

So go check out our store and find something you like.

I’ll have a more meaningful post tomorrow.

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