Friday, September 25, 2009

Firehat Coding

You know, sometimes you’ve just gotta do what you’ve just gotta do. And today is another one of those days where I end up multitasking at home because I’m watching my youngest boy (almost 2yrs).

So let no one say that you can’t code and play with your kids at the same time.

Hence, this is what I look like today.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Head in the Clouds

OK, so a while back I wrote a post about how Oracle doensn’t build as much of a community as MS.  And not only do I stand by it, but I’ve seen quite a few of the replies around the internet and those Oracle guys amaze me even to this day.

They spend an awful lot of time talking about how much better Oracle is than mssql and how much more stable it is and how much more Oracle users expect from their DBs because they tend to be more important than mssql DBs.  Also, Oracle DBs have more users going against them than mssql DBs so more people are affected when they do go down so Oracle DBAs have to be more on the ball because their users expect more uptime.  Whereas mssql DBAs’ users expect more downtime so the DBAs don’t have to hurry as much to get the system back up because that downtime is expected. 

Man, talk about having your head in the clouds.  I can’t believe that in this day and age that people are still so incredibly blind.  Do they really think that mssql has taken the market by storm because there are so many people with little insignificant DBs and they just don’t wanna pay for Oracle on these tiny little things.  It’s not under dispute that Oracle outshines mssql in some areas.  They’ve been around longer and they’ve had more time to bake their product.  But that doesn’t make mssql a slouch either.  I know you guys know this all too well.  Some of the biggest and most important DBs on the planet are on mssql and they require just as much uptime as those super-important Oracle DBs.

To make such statements is not only ludicrous, it’s just childish.  It’s like saying that linux apps are more important than windows apps.  Grow up guys.

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