Monday, October 15, 2007

Database Tourette's

Man, you ever have one of those customers who gives you Tourette's for like a week? You know the one I mean... he calls you up with something ridiculous he's promised a customer and it falls to you to get it done, only it's a month-long task that he's promised in 12 days. Or the one who keeps getting you out of bed because he won't quit monkeying around in the system and he keeps deleting the wrong data and you have to recover every 3 days.
And what do you do when that happens? You walk around for a week muttering obsenities to yourself. You find yourself telling him off in the shower. You see his face in stop signs. You hear his voice asking for a restore every night just as you fall asleep. Then you wake up and mutter more obscenities to yourself. He's like a bad song. Those of you who are parents, you know what I'm talking about. How often have you tried to not hear the Oobi theme song in your head, or that god-awful map song from Dora?

Oddly enough, I just finished a bout of Tourette's myself. I'm not going to go into the details, but it's something that got me muttering for over a week. Now I'm feeling much better and back to the good ole days falling asleep to the Oobi theme.

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