Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Data Explosion

Hey everybody... it's been a while since I've blogged, but that's what starting a new gig will do to you. I've had so many new things to rant about here and I'm sure I'll be getting to those in the future, but right now I want to share a funny story with you.

We had a group of devs who were trying to run a fairly simple insert and it kept filling up the disk. And when I say it was filling up the disk, i mean like 50K rows were filling up like 200GB. So they came to me to see if I could fix it. This is where it gets fun.

It really didn't take me too long in my investigation to find that they had the data file set to autogrow by 131,000%. That's right, I said it! 131,000 percent. So now that I found the problem I was able to set it to something more reasonable, shrink the file and let them get on with their insert.

So it started me thinking about what other DBs in the place had similar issues because I've been hearing about disk space problems here and there. So I wrote a powershell to go out and check the file growth rates for every SQL box and I found a lot of the same type of stuff. There were a lot of them set for several thousand percent growth, several of them set for 1MB growth, and everything in between. In general, as a good generic setting to start from, I like to grow my files 1GB at a time. It's a good round number that works in a lot of cases and then you can snipe the ones that need something else. And then I altered the powershell to go out and change the growth rates of all the DB files out there to 1GB. Life is good again and we have the beginnings of a happy shiny environment.

Oh y, and in the same discovery I also found 110 DBs set to autoshrink and I also took care of those.


Anonymous said...

Did you use the remoting in PowerShell v2 to do this?

Experiment! Enjoy! Engage!

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