Wednesday, March 10, 2010

People Leave Jobs

One thing I see from time to time is when someone leaves a gig they’ve been at for a long time, their workmates get upset.  It’s like they’re personally offended that the guy is choosing to work somewhere else.  Look, I know it’s easy to build relationships with people you work with and it’s easy to bond with people you spend so much time with.  Hell, you might even say that you’ve been in battle together.  What you have to realize though is that people have to do what’s good for them.  I can almost promise you that the guy’s not leaving to spite you.  He’s probably just tired of one thing or another.  Maybe he’s not getting paid what he thinks he should.  Maybe the new job is just closer to home.  Maybe the new job allows more training or flexibility.  Whatever the reason, it’s almost certain it’s not to piss you off.

I know what it’s like because I went through that many years ago.  I got a couple guys I worked with that I got along with great and we all worked very well together.  Coming to work wasn’t a chore at all.  Then the first cool dude left.  I was crushed.  How could he do that to me?  After all we’ve meant to each other!!  Then the next one left, and then the next.  Finally I was all alone.  I want along this way until I went to my next job and found a couple guys I really liked (you know what I’m talking about, huh).  Then I left that gig because I got something better and I labored over whether to leave those guys or not.  Finally I decided that taking care of my family was more important.  Then I got it.  Those other guys weren’t leaving ME, they were just moving on to a better gig. 

So really guys, if someone you work with leaves for another gig, wish him well.  He’s only doing what’s best for him.  And if you really are a friend, that’s how you’ll look at it.


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