Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Silent DBA

Be careful when you’re complaining about how much advice you get from your DBA because one day he might stop giving it.  And that’s not really a scenario anyone wants because it means he’s stopped caring about the systems and you won’t get any real help.  Because I don’t care what you devs out there think, you need your DBAs to keep your code playing nicely with others.

So when your DBA stops putting in his 2-cents your prayers haven’t been answered… in fact, just the opposite.  You’ve taken your DB support staff and turned him into a wallflower.

So now my question to you is what did you do to shut him up?  Because I guarantee you it was your fault.  Are you constantly going out of your way to circumvent procedures he puts in place?  Are you constantly disregarding his advice?  Do you refuse to setup things in a way that will make it easier for everyone involved to troubleshoot?  Do you refuse to follow any coding guidelines he gives you to keep things going smoothly?

OK so I realize that even though your code runs in double the time it could and it always deadlocks, that you’re the smartest dev out there and you don’t need advice from any of those dumb DBAs, but try shutting up and listening sometimes.

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