Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Red-Gate's Data Generator

I've been on data generators lately so I'm continuing that again. I've actually gotten a hold of a couple more last night so I'll be doing some write-ups on those as well. If you want to catch up, here are the other postings that started all of this.

Generating Data
Going Red

OK, I was able to get Red-Gate's data generator up and running on my new instance of Yukon last night and I pumped some data through it. And like many of Red-Gate's other tools it's just easy to use. There are a couple things you have to get used to, but it's really no big deal.

So I was able to generate 100,000 rows across a wireless pretty damn fast. In just a few secs really. I wanted to make a quick Camtasia of it for you last night, but time just got away from me. I'll try to get it done tonight and give you a quick walk-through of the product. But it's a nice tool. It doesn't do absolutely everything I'd like it to do just yet, but there's nothing wrong with it. And it's young so I suspect that it'll grow into itself.

Anyway, I haven't really put it through any real paces yet. I've just barely scratched the surface to get the feel for the GUI and how fast it can generate a simple data set. And it's not only fast, it's easy to use. I'm very pleased so far.


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